Great Apps for Disposing of Writers Block

Jul 21, 2011

There are many times when I find it hard to express what I’m thinking inside my head, in words. These Apps are helping me to bulldoze that block away little by little.


This App is great for anyone who likes to write down thoughts, ideas or really anything, regularly. Then you have a capability of sharing it via text, email and even facebook so that you can carefully select what you want people to see. This always seems to help me clear my thoughts because I’ll write down everything that’s on my mind, and then be able to pick out stuff to share that won’t offend anyone or cause drama



It may sound a little weird, but there’s something about being able to write practically anything I’m thinking that allows me to clear my head and be able to focus more on more important things like writing essays.


Advanced English & Thesaurus

Often I’ll get stuck mid-sentence while I’m trying to think of a word to inject into whatever it is I’m working on, and I’ll stay focused trying to wrack my brain for a synonym for a word that I’ve already used multiple times. With this app at hand, I’m able to access not only a dictionary with over 1.4 million words, but also find tons of ways of saying what I want to without sounding repetitive


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