Going Green While Saving Some Green: Celebrate Earth Day with these Android Apps

Apr 21, 2010

Earth Day is right around the corner but did you know that going green can be more than good for the environment? It can also be good for your pocketbook. Use these apps to save some money while helping to save the planet!

Find Green

Find Green features an extensive dataset of articles on green living, including verifiable information on an actions impact on the Earth AND your wallet. It also uses GPS to locate all green and sustainable business in your area in a myriad of categories including alternative energy, entertainment, food, waste management and much, much more.


T-Mobile Green Perks

Only available for T-Mobile users. T-mobile has partnered with numerous companies, from Quicksilver to the Arbor Day Foundation, to offer users exclusive discounts on various green products and services. I was pleasantly surprised with the diversity of available offerings. Each “perk” comes with an online redemption code, or the ability to show the coupon in person for those of you who are into the tactile shopping experience.


Bulb Calculator

A simple way to calculate the money you could be saving by switching your light bulbs to CFLs. The downside for non-Europeans here is that the app currently only calculates the monetary amount into Euro’s.


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