Go long! Android Apps to get ready for football season

Aug 10, 2010

It’s the NFL preseason, which means it’s time to get your Android lineup ready to take the field. Don’t just settle for a wallpaper with your team mascot on it this year. Go the whole hog (or pigskin) with these apps!

History of the NFL: Shmoop

It’s a paid app, but well-worth it when you’ve got your stats, trivia and history down pat to impress your fellow bar-goers every Sunday. Speaking of which, did you know that fewer weddings are performed on Super Bowl Sunday than on ANY other day of the year?


Bears News

Ok, I’m a Bears fan. This app says Bears on it, but you can get it as Cardinals News, Jets News, Saints News, and a slew of others made just for your team. It’s got a homescreen widget that even now in the preseason keeps you updated with any and all news about your team, from training to trades.


theScore: Sports & Scores

Follow ALL of your teams on ScoreMobile when you can’t watch the games. Get real-time updates and you’ll be (almost) as happy as your friends watching NFL Sunday Ticket with a bucket of beer. Almost.



Well, this one is definitely Bears-centric, but priceless. Click along for a series of quotes from renowned NFL coach Mike Ditka, and instantly share them on Twitter, Facebook, and other social sites.



Balance it out with another -isms app, this time featuring the words of another famed NFL coach, Vince Lombardi. Also includes the “share” features of Ditkaisms (above).


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