Getting around in Seattle

Sep 23, 2011

As a native Seattleite I use these apps to get around in my city. I’ve used every method from buses, the light rail, cars, taxis and walking.


I used to take the bus everywhere and this app is an absolute must have. Get up to date info on where your bus is, and when it’s expected at your stop. Figure out how to get from one side of town to the other, and what the fare is.



Great for finding what you’re looking for and then helping you get there. One of the more recent updates now adds Metro Transit as an option for navigation. Helps you find your bus, what the best bicycle path is, walking, or driving!
I use the Navigation portion of Google Maps almost daily and love it.



Real time traffic information and updates on construction. A must have for anyone in Seattle, especially when we’re working on our roads. Also has ferry information and the most accurate traffic info that I’ve seen so far.


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