Get your phone (and your stadium) ready for Vikings Football!

Aug 26, 2011

Last year was tough for Minnesota Vikings fans – the Favre debacle, the collapse of the stadium roof, the embarrassing losses. But take heart, Vikes – a new season with Donovan McNabb may be a fresh start for you. And a new ceiling on your dome might not hurt either. Is there an app for that?

Minnesota Football News

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Minnesota Vikings Mobile

Clean, quick reference for stats, standings, schedules, and more things that start with “S.”


Minnesota Vikings Theme – Full

The Metrodome wasn’t looking so good, but that doesn’t mean your phone can’t! Get your game day gear on with a full Vikings theme for your Android.


Vikings Radio Locator

This one seems unique – it helps you find stations where Vikings football is being broadcast. Not bad if you’re stuck on the road and can’t watch the game!


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