Get your Learn on with these Instructional Android Apps

Jul 30, 2010

The internet has given us easy access to all of the worlds information and now you can access all that content right from your phone. You can learn almost anything with all of the information out there so use these apps to learn something new.

Drivers Ed

If you need to get your license or permit, look no further. This app will give you practice tests, with questions randomly pulled from a huge database of actual driving test questions. It also records your progress on each test so you can view your progression and find which areas you need to brush up on and focus your study efforts.


How To Videos from

This is your all in one portal for any random thing you may need to learn. Need a quick tutorial on how to pick a lock, program php or use a DSLR camera? View featured videos, make your own play list and search for whatever you can think of right from the app.


Yoga Trainer Lite 2

Feeling a out of balance? This app can teach you how to restore harmony to your life through the ancient art of yoga. The app offers detailed posing instructions and video examples as well as walkthroughs for the different series so you can put all you learn together for a great workout.


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