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Aug 20, 2013

Do not make yourself unhappy thinking that your ex-boyfriend does not miss you. Instead, look on the bright side of things. Being away from each other represents an opportunity to your ex to miss you, and consider his decision of putting an end to the relationship. As the old saying goes “Absence makes the heart fonder” therefore, you should make yourself unavailable to your ex, instead of calling him or sending him messages.

This article covers a handful of important tips, that you can apply to trigger your ex’s curiosity and push him to miss you like he used to do when he first met you.

Give Him The Chance To Miss You:

If you make yourself too available to your ex, he won’t see the need to check on you from time to time. Since you are always calling and messaging him why would he bother knowing what you are up to? Your ex needs the time and space to realize your importance in his life. If you get into contact with your ex more than it is needed, it is like you never went away.

Moreover, acting in such a way will make you come across as a needy person. Your ex will take you for granted, and he will never take any steps toward mending the relationship.

Get Yourself Involved in activities:

When you go out to see friends and practice your favorite pastime, you will be able to keep yourself busy, and chase away any negative thoughts that can hold you back from enjoying your life to its fullest. You can even take a step further and send your ex some pictures of you having nice time.

Your goal is to show him that you have succeeded to create your own happiness by only relying on yourself. When your ex sees that you are leading a confident and brilliant life, he cannot help but wants to be part of it.

Take Care Of Your Appearance:

Never neglect the importance of your appearance. Always be sure to wear the clothes that your ex once made nice comments about them, when you both used to hang out with each other. This act will remind him of the great moments you once had together. When you look fantastic, you will have a considerable effect on your ex.

From time to time, send him a short and delightful message where you cleverly pass a remark about a place you both visited, and you know it will remind your ex of many beautiful souvenirs you both enjoyed.

A final tip is to prepare yourself for the day your ex calls you for a date. It is the most important step to nurture a strong emotional connection with him. If you want your hard work of getting him back to pay off ten folds, you should pay attention to what to say and do when he comes into contact with you gain.

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