Geek Out TOP 10

Sep 17, 2011

For the geek in all of us. Enjoy!

Weight on the moon

I am about 20 pounds on the moon. How about you?


iSlider Degas Ballet Puzzles

I love Degas, so these puzzles are fun and beautiful. Recommend.



A must-have for the zombie lover. ZOMBIFY yourself and your friends. Enjoy!


Formulas Lite

Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Complex Numbers, Integrals . . . What more could you ask for for? Great for students to have on hand! Highly Recommend!


Innovation Nation

I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this earlier. This app is super cool. It’s a contest for inventors and it also has video clips of cool consumer gadgets. Best gadget I’ve come across so far is the Cinemin Swivel Pocket Projector. In short, it turns your iPhone into a projector without a need for a tripod. How cool is that! Highly Recommend!


3D Compass (for Android 2.2-)

This is the coolest compass I have ever used. You can see the compass as well as the streets outside rotating freely in space. It’s really the ultimate 3D experience because the background of the app uses the camera in your phone. Highly Recommend!


Solar System

This app is an excellent introduction to the Solar System. It includes a photo and a detailed description of all the major planets and a few of the dwarf planets. It also includes links to Wikipedia. Recommend.


Dramatist Quotes

When you’re thirsty and it seems that you could drink the entire ocean that’s faith; when you start to drink and finish only a glass or two that’s science.” -Anton Chekov
Other authors include Alexandre Dumas, David Mamet and Henry Porter. Highly Recommend!


Fun Math Tricks !!

Who doesn’t love fun math tricks? This is an awesome app that introduces the beauty of math to both children and adults. Multiply the first digit by the first digit plus one: 8x(8+1)=72. Write the number 25 next to the number from the first step: 7225. Awesome!


Mortal Kombat Soundboard

All of your favorite sound effects from Mortal Kombat. What could be better?


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