FxCamera perfect for Android-using shutterbugs

Sep 20, 2010

Take your mobile photography to the next level with FxCamera, a fun, free app that makes it a snap to take pictures and apply several special effects, including: “PolaNDroid,” “Vintage Film,” “ToyCam,” “Fisheye,” “SymmetriCam,” “Warhol,” and “Normal.”

I found that the app takes noticeably clear, crisp images, with an added auto-rotate feature I desperately wish the stock photo app could handle as well. (I think I’ve lost count of the number of photos I took, uploaded to Facebook, and then had to rotate by hand into the proper rotation).

My favorite part of the app is its fun interface. Simply swipe through large, colorful thumbnails showing each of the image effects. Click a small camera icon to fire up your phone’s camera, take a picture, and then wait 3 to 6 seconds for the image to process. Easily discard, save, or share the final product, and proceed with another image.

The entire process feels faster, cleaner, and crisper than my DROID’s stock camera app. The end result looks several times cooler than standard shots, and being able to rotate the image prior to saving it is critical.

To put it plainly, I’ve found my new stock photo-taking app for my DROID. Those who want to take better pictures need to download this app.

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Tim McLain

Tim McLain is a freelance writer and an online marketing manager, helping serious researchers and students find and make use of the best online content found on the deep Web. His passion for all things computers/tech started when he was a teenager, working with his twin brother to set up a C64 BBS in their bedroom.

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