Free Video Player Apps

Dec 19, 2010

I love to watch video on my phone but I never have the time nor energy to reformat all the various kinds of videos I have on my computer to play with the standard Android video app. Here are a few of the best free video player apps that will play a variety of files.

Video Player

A fairly standard Android app for playing video–when it works it works, but it doesn’t play everything.


VPlayer (Old Version)

Plays divx files, is free, and doesn’t have ads. Can be laggy on occasion, but I can live with it.



Trial version seems to be indefinite and free, but displays ads over your video. Still, plays any number of video files, including divx (but not flv) with no lag. Has own file manager and does not pop up as an option if you play a video out of a different file manager



You know the drill.


YouTube Downloader Video Box

Download and watch your favourite YouTube videos!


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