Free Tibet!

Aug 25, 2011

I identify strongly with the Tibetan freedom movement. Here are some apps that show that solidarity.

Tibetan Folktales Wallpapers

These are a set of 8 beautiful drawings based on Tibetan folklore – you can use them as wallpaper.


Art of Tibet Wallpapers

44 beautiful wallpapers featuring Tibetan art. Amazing!


Travel Tibet

This is a great travel guide for Tibet.It includes attractions, transportation, lodgings, cuisine, and maps.


English Tibetan Dictionary

This is a Tibetan dictionary using Romanized letters (Android doesn’t support Tibetan letters yet) – can translate from Tibetan into English and vice versa.


Tibetan Refugee Documentary

This is a documentary on Tibetan refugees that will teach you some of the history of Tibet and the struggles of those that have been in exile.


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