Free FriendCaller Android app not quite up to Skype-high standards

Aug 25, 2010

The free FriendCaller Android app is basically a less-popular and more complicated version of Skype, aimed more towards personal use than business use. Download the app and call or message friends on the Internet for free. And, the app works with VoIP, allowing you to call landlines and mobile phones for an in-app charge.

The app instantly imports your phone contacts and provides a handy function to invite them to become FriendCaller users, but they don’t have to join to receive your calls. Register and login at to set your “CallME” Link to share with friends. This allows contacts to call you without downloading or registering for FriendCaller. Create buttons to post on your blog, share via Facebook and Twitter, or create a custom Outlook signature to popularize your “Callme” Link.

I tried a few calls on my Motorola Droid X with the FriendCaller and the quality was acceptable, but nothing to get excited about. I had problems getting the app to hang up; I’m not sure if this was an issue with the app or my phone.

I would recommend this app to my ‘tween niece and teen nephews to keep in touch with their friends for free, instead of using up all of their mom and dad’s cell phone minutes. Overall, I would use the FriendCaller app if I ran out of minutes for the month or as a backup version of Skype, but it isn’t an Android app I can’t live without.

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