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Feb 21, 2011

We all love free and was impressed by Socratica’s “U.S. Presidents” app that I went on to check out the rest of their free app’s. Here are my reviews on a compendium of some intellectual app’s for your pursuit of knowledge

U.S. Presidents

As I was looking into apps to learn about the U.S. and American history, I first came across this app. and was so impressed by it that I’ve decided to check out the rest of them as well. This app. gives you short facts on each of the Presidents in succession up to our current Obama, also links back to Wikipedia. I think I liked the “Parade” slideshow feature best in displaying the U.S. Presidents in succession.



Ok, so I’m a math/tech geek and of course I’m fascinated with the concept of pi. This app gives you the history of pi, explanations and meanings as well as listing it out for one to try and memorize.. How many numerals can you get up to?



German, Russian, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, and English. This app. goes through each character of the alphabet and then has quizzes to help you learn.


Words, words, words!

Vocabulary! This app. is good at a high-school level to help build word mastery.



My least favorite of the free Socratica collection. I guess it’s organized well and gives you a good collection of sayings from various famous people and categorized by topic/author. I just thought the graphics could’ve been better is all.


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