Free Body Fitness Android app is stacked

Nov 28, 2010

The free Body Fitness app for Android is the perfect companion for working out at home or at the gym. It’s an exercise bible of sorts, with tons of exercises organized by muscle, body part or even by equipment. There is also a workout plan section, filled with full-body, strength and conditioning, weight-loss and core-strength workouts.

Each exercise comes with detailed instructions, including photo demonstrations. You can save exercises as favorites, and log your weight and reps, so you remember what you did for your next workout.

Some of the stellar workouts include an outdoor med-ball workout, body-weight workouts, intense total fitness and the super six-pack workout. Another bonus section lists a plethora of yoga poses, such as balancing poses and inversions. The app even has a myriad of cardio workouts from step aerobics and rowing to rock climbing and handball.

And that isn’t all! There’s also a section on diet, with suggested recipes for different meals, a BMI calculator and a calendar for tracking workouts. This free fitness app is definitely stacked. Body Fitness is as comprehensive as the app maker says, so give it a try next time you work out to spice up your strength training or cardio routine.

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