Free Android Christmas Apps for Gift Givers

Sep 15, 2010

I go crazy every Christmas. I start shopping really early and I buy for everyone! The problem: I need tools to help me keep track of my purcheses, who needs what, what to get, etc. Another problem: there aren’t too many apps out for christmas yet. Android is a little too new I suppose but for now, us early shoppers need some help. Here are more free apps from the cheapest person in the world (hehe) to help with your christmas shopping!

Free Christmas List

After searching apps for days, I finally found the perfect gift app! It is free, tracks gifts by person (which saves space), and tracks whether gifts have been purchased as well as their cost. Saving money during christmas has never felt so good!


Xmas Gift List

If you only want to track what you have already bought and their cost, then this is a less complicated, and still free, app. Great for people with tight budgets and not a lot of presents to buy!


Shopping Days to Christmas

A simple widget that just tells you how many shopping days til Christmas. This might be a good app for you last minute shoppers!


ShopSavvy Barcode & QR Scanner

Create wish lists and price alerts for local shopping peaks and dips. Also, you can price compare without wasting gas!


Droid Gifts Lite

You’ll need this one for early gifts and on Christmas day! Keep track of the gifts you’ve received so you can thank everyone properly after the wrapping paper has been stripped away! My phone can’t use this one yet but I’ll keep trying!


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