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May 11, 2011

As a city girl, I’m constantly on the go. As a child of the information age, I do the social networking schtick. Now, how do I put all these wonderful aspects of myself together, and let people know what I’m up to? I’m glad you asked…


While I usually get around by train, bus, or foot, occasionally a girl just needs to get away. With this app, you can locate a nearby Zipcar, reserve it, then even unlock the doors and honk the horn! A weekend getaway doesn’t get any easier than that. (While you must have a Zipcar membership to reserve, unlock, and honk the horn, non-members can use this app to locate nearby Zipcars.)



This app is beyond nifty, it’s my lifeline! Not only can you see where you are, but you can put in a destination and Google Maps tells you how to get there! You can get directions by car, public transportation, foot, or bike! (It’s unbelievably accurate with train schedules) You can also search for what’s nearby by category or a specific shop. I can no longer survive the city streets without this app on my phone.



With my Twitter app I can update my network with the minute to minute play by play of my day to day activities…as long as it’s in 140 characters or less!


Facebook Android

With Facebook’s new Places capability, you can keep your network up to date on your happenings. This app helps me easily access all my Facebook favorites without having to use the browser!


Foursquare — Best City Guide

The ultimate Where’s Waldo…but with you as a willing participant! Update your friends or social networks with what you’re up to and where. You also earn points for checking into new places, and can get special offers at stores and restaurants when you check-in!

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