Flirty Valentine Apps

Feb 11, 2011

My favorite part about dating is the flirting – the before part when you are getting to know one another and exploring each other. These apps make it even more fun.

z Flirting Quotes

This free app has 99 flirty pick-up lines you can text to anyone you wanna use them on. It’s good for inspiration but limited. You can save the quotes you like in ‘favorites’



Simple free app that will show you profiles of single people in your area. It doesn’t let you expand the photos much, and there definitely need to be more people on there, but it’s free and I’ve met people through it.


Flirt Maps

This is a pretty cool free app when it works – it shows you other people to flirt with on a map. It crashes a lot though and is buggy


Zoosk – #1 Dating App

It’s free and billed as a dating app that will let you search profiles by GPS so you can find a date close by – but I have never gotten it to work, it just crashes and is a waste of time.


My Yearbook Mobile

This app works the best for me as far as free online dating services with GPS search for dates in the neighborhood. It’s free and there are 20 million people on the network so I should be able to find ONE!


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