Flashlight apps to light in the dark

Jul 8, 2016

If you’re trying to locate a lost item or simply read a book at night, these apps will illuminate with tremendous light and make your goal much easier to accomplish. However, be careful with permissions, flashlight apps might spy on you.

There are many flashlight app on the market and it is undoubtedly a popular app type. Some flashlight apps have more than 500,000,000 downloads. Looks as if every single Android smartphone owner downloaded a flashlight app. The distinctive features are whether the app uses camera light or the screen as well. Of course, the brightness is dependent on the phone type not only on the app. You should be careful with the permissions. Some flashlight apps were proved to collect sensitive data. This can be avoided by thorough checking of the permissions e.g. no geographical data is really needed for a flashlight app to function. Not only permissions but also some ads are able to spy on you. Thus, the best choice is an ad free app with minimal permissions.

So here is the collection of the most popular apps on Google Play. For me privacy is one of the most important factors, so Privacy Flashlight is my app of choice.

Privacy Flashlight (Free)

No network, storage or location permissions. Finally an app which definitely does not spy on us. No ads, which is a good point.


Super-Bright LED Flashlight (Free)

One of the most popular flashlight apps.  It is very handy and convenient, easy to use with nice inetarface. It takes a long time to load though.

Tiny Flashlight + LED (Free)

This app is almost too bright; I made the mistake of opening it while in total darkness, stared right at the screen and experienced a lapse of temporary blindness.

Brightest Flashlight Free (Free)

Nice app, although formerly said to collect private information. It doesn’t kill the battery, which is a very good point.

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Color Flashlight (Free)

Not only does this app provide an excellent light source but also there are tons of different features and colors you can mess with.

TeslaLED Flashlight (Free)

This awesome app has cool functions like being able to converse in Morse code and make your phone a virtual police screen light.

Flashlight (Free)

Nice interface, light stays on as long as you want.

Flashlight HD LED (Free)

Easy to use. The flashlight only works with the app open. Annoying full screen ads which can only be rid of by buying the pro version.

High-Powered Flashlight (Free)

There are 10 different frequencies available and a built in SOS signal is of great use. Super handy interface. For my phone, the light shines brighter than with any other flashlight apps.

Flashlight: LED Light (Free)

Sometimes the on/off switch does not work.  It uses camera light as well on front of phone.

FlashLight (Free)

Simple app with simple name. Camera can be turned on with double tap. As of privacy, there are no useless permissions.

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