Five Fun Trekkie Apps

Mar 11, 2011

Since the new movie, it’s actually kind of become cool to be a Trekkie again. So now you can let your geek flag fly with these five apps.

Star Trek Communicator

That’s right: you can now turn your phone into an old-school Star Trek communicator, complete with sound and display. Pretty good effects.


Star Trek Wallpapers

Or, if you’re not quite ready for such a dramatic transformation, there are always Star Trek wallpapers. Nice and clean and basic.


Star Trek Sounds And Ringtones

Or you can opt for the auditory with this app’s collection of almost seventy sounds from the Trek franchise–transmitters, communicators, scanners, and more.


TV Trivia: Star Trek

I like that this trivia game covers not only all five major series, but also prequel material and the films.


Klingon Word of the Day!!

You can’t call yourself a full Trekkie if you can’t speak some Klingon. (And you haven’t heard Shakespeare until you’ve heard it in the original Klingon.)


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