First five apps to load after a hard restart.

Jan 30, 2011

I recently had to perform the first hard reset of my Droid x. It was a little interesting to think about loosing all the information I had on my phone and I have only had 1 a month. These 5 apps will help make the process really simple.


After a hard reset, you may not be smart enough to have thought of a backup beforehand. This site and it Library Builder helped relocate every app I had ever downloaded and reported.


Advanced Task Manager Free

Because I like it, and find it useful to control from the start, all apps that are open any time. Android is smart, but sometimes it doesn’t understand, “I don’t want skype running in the background either.”


Lookout Security & Antivirus

Before you forget and start downloading even more apps now that you have gone through your first hard reset. A must.


Android News

Because even if you get the hard reset done in less than five. Some Android news has probably happen, and you want to keep up starting yesterday.


Backup Everything

Need I say more. These really work, and I wish I had more information backed up on my phone. Just like my PC…Hint… Back up.


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