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Mar 17, 2011

So you promised to take your daughter to see Justin Bieber before the tickets sold out. Maybe you’re out of luck, but maybe you’re not. The by-product of a popular website, StubHub for Android might be your shining beacon.

An online venue for searching for sporting events, concerts and various theatrical performances, StubHub is a site where you can buy and sell tickets to other users. I hear amazing stories about this website all the time, about people getting lucky and stumbling upon shows that have been sold out for months. I find the fact that StubHub has its own mobile app to be very convenient.

When you launch the app, there are separate tabs for sports, concerts and theaters. There’s also a search option under your phone’s menu button. If you already know what you’re looking for, have at it. But, if you’d like to take a look around, you can tap the “Use My Location” button to access all the local happenings.

If you come across something that catches your eye, the app can show you many tickets are available, where in the venue seats are located, and how much they cost. The app also has a “Favorites” option, so you can bookmark, and then contemplate, those expensive tickets you’re tempted to buy.

StubHub uses your phone’s GPS to track where in the United States you are, so it can pinpoint your nearest venues. If you want, you can easily switch to other locations just by tapping the top of your screen.

StubHub App Android Demo

Discover the redesigned StubHub app for Android and tickets for your favorite sports, music and arts events. Customize your preferences with the StubHub Android app with your favorite teams and artists, discover new favorites and grab tickets wherever and whenever you want them.

The app also appears to make selling your tickets fairly easy. While you don’t need an account to browse, you will need one to list an item. Similar to how eBay works, StubHub will help you figure out the worth of your tickets, but you can still list them for whatever price you’d like.

I’m quite impressed with the app’s design, which happens to look much more appealing than StubHub’s website. The app has a lot color, and the icons add character, but the developers kept it simple enough so anyone could find his or her way around.

While I never had an issue figuring out what went where, I did have problems with the app’s lengthy loading time and frequent crashes.

All in all, however, StubHub is a great resource to have on the go when you need to pick up or unload some tickets at the last minute.

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