Favorite Halloween Live Wallpaper Apps

Oct 13, 2011

I absolutely LOVE this time of year! And with the latest live wallpapers I can indulge myself all year long, it’s awesome!

Halloween Live Wallpaper world

I dig the muted tones and the stylized graphics. It’s very nostalgic looking. The owl makes me smile.


Halloween Jack Live Wallpaper

I think this guy is totally cool. Love the feel of this wallpaper. It’s spooky, it’s ominous, it’s fun! His look is great, there’s fun lightning and that moon is awesome!


Halloween Witch Live Wallpaper

I thought the artwork on this one was well done. The witch is pretty and sexy and her environment is cool. Who wouldn’t want that on their phone?


Snowy Halloween Live Wallpaper

This one combines two of my favorite things … Halloween and snow. The house is kinda foreboding, especially with that bat lying around but the pumpkin face is friendly.


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