Favorite Games of the week

Nov 21, 2010

This week I tried out some games and these are a great entry into the android gaming scene. A little something for different occasions.

old app………

With the recent update, with 45 new levels this game will eat up a lot of time. Whenever I get a chance, I get on this game to knock down some pigs.


Asphalt 5 FREE

With Asphalt 5, you can do some really fun racing on your mobile phone. With the recent update this week, now we have multiplayer. Race against people all around the world.


Abduction! 2

Like the first one but with much more levels and scenery. Great casual game.


City Jump

A great game that takes the doodle jump idea and turns it sideways. Instead of jumping you are always running. Great obstacles and good pace and good controls. makes a great casual game.


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