Favorite Games June 2011

May 27, 2011

Enjoy these fun and simple games!

American spy

Although the faces are all cartoon faces, the objective of the game is very realistic. This app arranges and rearranges the faces and then you have to pick the “suspect” out of a line-up. How well do you remember faces? Are you good enough to be a spy? Recommend!



Run, jump and slide. Then suddenly fly high speed, transform into a different character and run, jump and slide some more. It seems like a very basic game with an anime twist. Fun!


SkyFrontier 3D

Glide the spaceship over the platform. Be careful to avoid any obstacles and remember to jump when there are gaps. Good Luck!


Brain’s balls lite

Open and close the gates to gather balls by color. A great test of your anticipation skills. Recommend.


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