Favorite Berkeley Android Apps

Jun 3, 2011

Berkeley is a wonderful progressive place full of smart and flamboyant people. Here’s some apps I’ve used to get around there.

Berkeley Local

This is a good app for students in Berkeley as well as residents and visitors of the town. It’s got campus tours, info on Berkeley music venues, info on books and music shopping, and all sorts of other events that would appeal to the Berkeley mindset. It’s a little frustrating in that it only works in landscape mode and you can’t turn off the sound.


Berkeley in the Sixties Doc

This is a $6.99 documentary on Berkeley in the Sixties. I highly recommend it if you live, work, or study in Berkeley so that you can be in touch with the activist history of the city.



This free app has live video from a cam pointed at a squirrel’s nest in Berkeley, CA. You can save images from it. It’s awfully cute.


Virt U: The Virtual University

If you aren’t going to Berkeley – this is the next best thing. Open lectures from Harvard, MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and more. There are hundreds of lectures to choose from and an online community.



This free app gives you the Berkeley News and the Daily Californian on your phone. Great for students.


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