Favorite Android Apps for Kitten Lovers

Oct 8, 2011

More kitties!

Kitten and Cat Puzzles

A selection of slider puzzled featuring photos of adorable kittens and cats.


Kitten puzzle

Over 50 slider puzzles featuring photos of kittens as the background.


Kitten Live Wallpaper 2

Adorable kitten live wallpaper with a game built in where you touch the screen to pop musical notes.


Kitten Live Wallpaper

Another live wallpaper featuring an adorable photo of a kitten. Also a game built in where you pop the pillows and blankets that are around the sleeping kitten.


Kitty Cat Live Wallpaper

This is an adorable interactive live wallpaper with a photo of a kitten. When you touch the screen it puts little pawprints where you touch which fade after a little while. Great for cat lovers!


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