Explore electronic music with the Digitally Imported Radio Android app

Jul 25, 2011

Digitally Imported Radio is an app dedicated to playing everything that can be categorized beneath the electronic genre of music.

Before my exploration of DI Radio, I never fully realized how extensive this style of music is. There are so, so many different sub-genres of electronic music, including more popular techno, trance, dubstep and dance. It also includes a few more niche varieties, though, like gabber, future synthpop and tribal house — just to name a few.

Perhaps I haven’t been looking in the right places (I plead ignorance because I have had minimal exposure to this stuff), but it seems that electronic music is a bit of an under-represented genre. Because there are so many different kinds of music to listen to, DI Radio seems like a great resource both for fans of electronic music and those who would like to become regular listeners.

That’s because there are 35 pre-set channels, each its own special sub-genre of electronic music. The app works like an actual radio station, where you listen to songs as they’re played. It’s not like Pandora, where you can skip songs if you’re not into them.

This app keeps things simple. You just tap on a genre, and a song starts playing. There are no dials or special features to mess around with, though you can add a song to your favorites if you really enjoy it. The clean design made this a lot less intimidating for me, as someone who clearly doesn’t know a lot about this type of music.

I noticed there was a pretty substantial different in sound quality, depending upon the internet connection. When using my phone’s data plan, the music didn’t sound very crisp and clear — it had that kind of echoey sound that people standing nearby could probably tell was coming from a cell phone. A Wi-Fi connection resulted in much clearer sound quality. I didn’t run into any issues with streaming or getting the app to play music.

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While the app works very well, I did have one complaint. Because it’s a free app, banner ads are popping up constantly. Because the app is so simple in its design, these advertisements are quite distracting. An upgrade to a premium account will wipe these out, but that will cost you.

Overall, this app is a must-have for devout fans of electronic music, those interested in learning about new music and those who enjoy quality Internet radio.

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