Enjoy the London 2012 Olympic Games with these Android apps

Jun 27, 2012

The Summer Olympics are underway in London, England. Despite some of the issues it has endured throughout the years, it is still a great tradition. The Olympics always fill me with a sense of pride and patriotism. Watching our young athletes competed against the world’s best is always a delight. With over 30 different events, stretched over almost three weeks, there will be plenty to watch. Here are some of the better Olympic-related Android apps I found.

London 2012 Join In App (Free)

This is the official app for the Olympics. The app is broken down into six sections: There is What’s On, a calendar of the day’s events; Events, a list the events alphabetically; Places, a map of England showing you were things are taking place; Buzz, links to the official social media accounts for the Olympics; Guide, tons of information for those traveling to the games, info on tickets, and so on; and finally, My Games, your list of favorites.

Within the “What’s On” and “Events” sections, you can swipe to the right, to get more information on happenings. The app has a filter option, where you can select events, distance, and time – a nice feature for those at the games. The app also has push notifications so you can keep up with the action in real time.

London2012-Official Game(free) (Free)

This official game lets you “participate” in the Olympics. To start out, you create your character and can choose face, hair, county of origin and their stats (strength, balance, agility, etc.) Once your character is done, you can participate in Training, Olympics, and Challenge. You will need to progress through various events to unlock them all.

To participate in an event, it will cost you energy points. You get ten to start off with. You can purchase more with an in-app purchase. Some of the events you can participate in are 100m, 110m hurdle, pole vault, 100m freestyle, kayak, shooting, and archery. The game is fun and challenging. Many users have reported issues with the game, but it worked fine for me, even if it was a bit slow loading at times.

NBC Olympics Live Extra (Free)

Alongside the standalone NBC Olympics app, the big U.S. broadcaster also has this companion app in Google Play. It could turn out to be a great tool for those who need London 2012 Olympics Games coverage in their hand at all times. NBC is boasting an incredible 3,500 hours of Olympic coverage starting at the end of the month, and you’ll be able to watch every event live on your Android smartphone with this app. You can even choose your favorite sports, and receive push notifications for event start times. There are full replays, alternate camera views and DVR-like capabilities so you never miss a moment.

London 2012 Results App (Free)

Sitting alongside the London 2012 Join In app is the London 2012 Results app. This app complements that one nicely and will ensure you’re prepared and ready for all the action. The official London 2012 Results app will keep you up-to-date with all the latest news, schedules and results from both the Olympics and Paralympics. It features live scores, medal tables, details of every sport, athlete profiles and a day-to-day calendar of events.

Summer Games 3D Lite (Free)

In this game you can compete in the 100m, 400m, and javelin events. You pick the country you will represent and then pick your control mode. You can choose from three different types of control: dynamic, strategic and reflex. An on screen explanation will help you decide which to choose. The game is fun, but getting the controls down will take some practice. You can play one or two player. The app allows you to set the difficulty, sound and graphic details. If you would like to compete in all 20 events, you can purchase the full version for $0.99.

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