Economist app brings weekly business news to your Android

Aug 19, 2011

The Economist app for Android is a great way for subscribers to get their news on the go. If you don’t already have a subscription, but have always thought about it, this quality app might be that last little push you need to make the transition.

The news weekly’s app is free to download, but only subscribers have unlimited access to the content. Taking a page from the book of publications like TIME and Sports Illustrated, The Economist, too, has a multi-platform subscription offering that includes print, smartphone, tablet, audio and web editions for a single rate.

The way it works is that you can pay $29 per quarter or $110 per year. You can also buy individual issues for $5.99 each. The app also offers a free “must read” section, which is a few stories that have been hand-picked and dog-eared by Economist editors.

Once downloaded, issues are stored on the device in the app’s library. Every issue also has an audio edition, with all articles read by professional newscasters. This means you can either listen to your stories in the car when you’re on the go or switch things up by alternately reading and listening. It’s nice to have options!

This app is a perfect digital replication of the printed version of the magazine. The interface design is classy and professional-looking, the text is easy to read, and the images are more vibrant than ever. It’s truly everything you would expect from the people at The Economist and more.

The developers noted in the Android marketplace that they have become aware of some issue with force closing on certain devices, but didn’t say which ones. They also mentioned that they don’t know what’s causing the problem, but they are working on a solution. I didn’t experience any kind of issue during my time with the app.

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Caitlin M. Foyt

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