Droid Newbies, Unite!

Apr 27, 2011

Have you just unpacked your shiny, new droid only to be struck with the thought “okay, what now?”. Here are a few great starter apps to get you moving in the right direction!

Advanced Task Killer Free

Droids can do it all, which can lead to a lot of apps being open when there’s no need for them to be. And that can translate into a lot of wasted battery power. This is where ATK comes in and cleans house for you with one click. There’s a paid version of this app that I’ve heard great things about, but the free one also gets the job done just fine!


Opera Mini mobile web browser

This browser is fast and easy to work with, and I find that it loads pages much faster than other web browsers.



As someone with little to no sense of direction, I promise you-with this app you will never be lost again. Not only does it provide you with detailed maps of your location, it can also direct you to the nearest restaurant/gas station/school/intergalactic travel hub all in one easy place.


Pandora® Radio

Embrace the multi-media possibilities of your new phone by turning your droid into a mini juke box with this app, and discover bands you never knew you loved in the process. Pandora works by taking bands you already dig, and generating lists of similar artists to create a radio station totally unique to you.


Wheres My Droid

For the first few days, you might be attached at the hand to your new droid, but a time will come when your phone is on silent, and you will have absolutely no idea where you put it. This is the app that will save the day. By texting a phrase to your phone, you can make it ring until you track it back to wherever you forgot it.

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