Drinking games for the phone

Mar 15, 2011

It’s just something fun to pull out at parties.

Dizit : Drinking Games on dice

You have the option of playing five different games. Click on the game and read up on how to play. Once you that click play games and go at it!


Drinking Games

There isn’t much to this app but it could be useful at parties. You get a long list of drinking games. Pick one, read the directions, play and drink the night a way with your friends!


Party & Drinking Games

Like the other apps you have a list of games and you pick one and read directions. However this app compared to the others seem to have a lot more options. There are even games like “Drunken Sorry” Yes, Childhood games turned adult!


Drinking Game List Free!

This is another great fun drinking app. You can choose the type of the game you want (ie board, luck, endurance, musical etc…), you can choose your ‘buzz level’. You have the option of selecting ‘deadly, high, medium, low, random or unknown’. Say you select ‘high’ buzz level. You will then have a list of games come up saying what type of game it is like ‘TV/Movie’. If you like a certain game you can favorite it.


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