Delivery Droid Android app orders up

Oct 13, 2010

If this app review gig doesn’t work out, I’m going to deliver pizza. The hours are nice. I like to drive. And, oh yeah, I’m now armed with the Delivery Droid app on my Android, which will make my job a whole lot easier.

Delivery Droid targets delivery people with Android phones. It helps manage orders, navigate you to the delivery destination, track your tips, organize your driving shifts, and count your mileage. While I don’t personally deliver anything, I don’t know how drivers get by without an app like this. Helpfully, the app lets you assign your “home base” store and then define your delivery area with ZIP codes. It also downloads street names within your area for easier entering of delivery addresses.

Is it great? Not yet. There are typos in some of the text fields. The user experience is a little clunky when you enter a new order. And it can be challenging to get back to the app once it pipes you out to Google Maps for navigation. But, overall, once you get the feel for it, Delivery Droid will make your delivery job much easier.

Hopefully, the app will improve over time. You can enter feedback about it right from the settings menu. For now, I’ll give it three stars.

Delivery Droid
Price: €1,99
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