Cute Sheep Games for Android

Nov 9, 2011

Nothing beats playing with fluffy sheep.

Clouds & Sheep

In this game you are given a flock of sheep that you oversee and manipulate. Plenty of items and tools to help you shepherd. Gameplay is a little repetitive, especially after you’ve unlocked all the items – but the sheep are very cute.


Abduction! 2

In this sequel to Abduction you can play as a sheep that bounces up platforms to a goal. Very addictive.


Sheep Launcher Freee!

In this free version of Sheep Launcher you launch a sheep and try to keep him in the air as long as possible and get him higher and higher using things like a helium tank, jet pack, etc.


Sheep Invaders

This is a space game where you help sheep get through space by destroying enemy ships and gathering different weapons.


Sheep Mania – Puzzle Islands

This great puzzle game has over 50 levels where you guide sheep through challenging puzzles to get them home safe.


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