Curb the winter pounds with these indoor-friendly Android workout apps

Oct 12, 2011

Google Play is full of fitness apps that track your jogs, hikes and bike rides using GPS, recommending trails to explore and documenting how far you’ve gone. But for many, the autumn and winter seasons drive us into hibernation, shortening our daylight hours and covering our jogging trails with inches of snow. Combined with the holiday season of plenty, the winter fats seem inevitable. But with the help of these Android apps, you’ll never be at a loss for indoor workouts, whether you’re in a gym, on a treadmill or are limited to household items.

RunKeeper (Free)

RunKeeper is a pretty popular app in Google Play, used by runners to track fitness activities across distance and time. But even without the need for GPS tracking, this free app can monitor your workouts for treadmill and other cardio equipment use. It measures everything you track during a run, including distance, time, pace, calories and heart rate. Looking to the promise of connected devices, RunKeeper also supports the Polar WearLink heart monitor for pairing, letting you automatically incorporate your heart rate with the other real-time data this Android app tracks.

Pocket Yoga ($2.99)

Pocket Yoga for Android is a digital yoga instructor in the palm of your hand. Keep your downward dog on pace and on schedule without having to cart your mat across town. This Android app features three different practices at three different levels, offering three duration options as well. It’s a good mix and match for regular yoga upkeep, offering audio and visual instruction guides through each pose. There’s no video but the illustrations are easy enough to read. Pocket Yoga has an in-app dictionary with descriptions and benefits of each pose, and support to play music from your Android library as you work through each yoga position.

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