Commuter apps

Aug 19, 2011

These may come in handy if you commute everyday from home to work back to home.


With CommutePro you can save destinations for Google Maps and other navigation systems. All of your most used locations would be in one screen.


MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

The MapQuest app consists of a Voice-Guided and Turn-by-Turn Navigation systems where your phone speaks to you, telling you where to go. It gives you specific directions making it hard to get lost. You will also have a clean view of the map on your phone and many different bookmark options to save your most popular and favorite locations.


Public Report-Commuters Unite

This app allows you to report problems with public transport to help your fellow commuters to avoid trains, flights and bad roads conditions. The app shows realtime traffic reports near you and automatically uploads the latest 24 hours with in your living area.


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