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Jun 24, 2011

Narrowing down the list of thousands of schools to a handful that you want to apply to is hard enough. Add in the often complicated and time consuming tasks of writing applications and hammering out financial aid, and you have quite a task on your hands. These apps can help college seekers whittle down the workload and stay on top of things.

School Finder College Search

Maybe you’re one of those people who’s known since preschool that they want to go to Yale. If you’re not, this app has some useful criteria to help you hone in on prospective schools. It’s a useful tool if you’re just starting out.


To Do List

Once you have a list of prospective schools, it’s vital that you keep on top of the process and attempt to get a little done each day. This to do list can help organize and motivate you as you work through heaps of applications and write personal statements.


Smooth Calendar

It doesn’t matter how awesome your application is if it isn’t in on time. Use this simple and intuitive calendar app to keep track of all of your college related deadlines.


Student Loan Calculator Basic

College is a major financial investment, and while this app is kind of dryly worded and a little boring, what it does really well is take the figurative amount of a student loan and translate it into a snapshot of what your expected monthly payment will be when you graduate. Depressing? Maybe a little. But a good idea? Yep.


College Acceptance!

Nothing (short of your parents donating whole buildings) can ensure 100% that you’ll be accepted to your dream school, but it doesn’t hurt to get some advice from successful applicants.


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