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Sep 21, 2010

There’s no shortage of free apps that let you tap into a stock’s information. CNBC’s Real-Time app, though, offers a custom interface that taps into the TV channel’s mobile website to deliver updated stock quotes directly from NASDAQ and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) faster than any other app I’ve tested to date.

A huge amount of financial information is (literally) at your fingertips with CNBC Real-Time for Android, a stock-watcher’s dream in tablet form as well.

Setting up custom watchlists (up to five lists containing 30 stocks each) is straightforward, and the business news crawl works well after the last update. Charts, company news, and standard related financial data are all here. To find current quotes, just enter a symbol into the search box.

In a recent online interview, CNBC vice president of digital technology and products Scott Drake said, “Real-time market data is a differentiator and necessity for investors in today’s complex market. Our mission is to provide users unprecedented access to the real-time information, market news, and analysis they need on all platforms and on every device.”

That said, CNBC’s first foray into the Android Marketplace leaves some things to be desired. Most notably is the lack of features found in the iPhone version, along with many features available as a registered user of Let’s hope these are coming in future updates.

Still, if you’re looking for an app to keep you connected to the latest data and news related to your five — or even 150 — stocks, you’ll find yourself tapping into this app often while on the go and away from your PC.

Combining stock statistics and graphs, tickers and videos, CNBC makes it extremely easy to follow different stocks over a long time to make the best decisions you can about investment. CNBC takes great advantage of tablets’ screen size by laying out lots of information side-by-side.

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Linking up with CNBC’s website through the app also brings you the latest news. You can read text articles from CNBC’s website in one tab and watch videos from the cable network in another.

CNBC Real-Time does a pretty phenomenal job of turning your tablet into a financial news and information tool, with lots of features and enough information to fill a large screen.

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