Classic Games Android

Feb 16, 2011

Try out these classic games on your droid. Fun!


This is an excellent app if you already know how to play solitaire. If you don’t, you will need to start with an app that gives you directions and hints.



If you ever wanted to learn how to play Majong, then this app is for you. It includes easy to understand directions and hints. The pieces and boards are very beautiful.


Labyrinth Lite

I really love this version of Labyrinth. You can play 3D or 2D! In the full version, I think you can even design your own levels! Highly Recommend!


Chess for Android

What’s special about this game is that it keeps a log of every move made by you and the computer from beginning to the end. You can really improve your chess game by going over how the game unfolded. Excellent! Just fyi, I don’t think you can play two-player.


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