Christmas List Apps

Dec 9, 2011

Time seems to have run away from me and I find myself needing to make my Christmas list quickly and get to shopping.

Here are some Christmas List apps that I will be giving a try!

Free Christmas List

This app boasts gift tracking by person, which for me can be super handy. It will also show you cost and a grand total for all of your recipients!


Christmas List

This app has the standard features that the rest of the apps have, but also have the ability to scan barcodes and have the item added to your list. You can also backup and restore your data, just in case something happens to your phone.


Gift List Manager

While not specifically for Christmas this app is super promising. No ads even on the free version and you can organize your recipients into groups!



Another app that isn’t specifically for Christmas but one that I will be checking out. The neat thing about this app is that you can use it to track presents for your friends and family. So when your friend tells you they really want a pony you can put that into your list, so that on their birthday you can figure out what to get them. No more relying on your memory to get you through those hard spots!


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