Carmageddon: Los Angeles Traffic

Jul 9, 2011

The weekend after this next one – Los Angeles is closing the 405 freeway. It’s been called “Carmageddon”. I made a list of traffic apps in the hopes it would help us Angelenos deal with the mayhem.

Traffic Los Angeles

This app costs US $1.99 and gives you access to 400 traffic cams in Los Angeles. Look at a list of cams or where they are on a map – then choose one to open the image. Hit refresh to do so. Works like a charm. Recommend.



US$.99 is not much to pay for a police/fire scanner! Listen to any of over 4700 scanner feeds (police, fire, air traffic, maritime, and more), save favorites. Always be in the know!


Traffic Cam Viewer

This US$0.99 traffic cam viewer supports a number of cities including Los Angeles. Not enough cams are supported.


Traffic Cams Widget

Finally traffic cam images in a widget! Works for a number of cities including Los Angeles – uses GPS to detect the closest traffic cams and displays a map to show where you are in relation to them.


LA Traffic App

An expanded version of the traffic indicators used in Google Maps. Rates the traffic as red, green, and yellow. Also has incidents and information about them.


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