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Sep 8, 2010
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I love movies. Sometimes, the chance to go is spontaneous, so it’s nice to be able to check what’s playing locally with a mobile app like Fandango Movies. Overall, the app is useful, but didn’t serve up the best user experience.

Upon launch, the app asks for your ZIP code, and shows a dropdown where you choose the radius of miles. These are used as the basis for searching shows, not your phone’s GPS. When the list appears, you can drill down into theaters and show times. If you’re uncertain, you can read a synopsis or browse reviews.

The speed of loading movies and theaters felt painfully slow. The app waits for the lists to load, so you can spend precious seconds staring dumbly at your phone. I’m sure it’s challenging to retrieve a lot of dynamic information about films and venues, but my experience with Fandango made me want to just drive to my local theater to see what was playing, rather than use the app. To be fair, I tried a couple of other movie apps, and slow display of movies and theaters seems to be common.

Fandango offers some cool extra features. A long press on a movie title will send the movie details via email. Forwarding theater details works the same way. Unlike many movie apps, Fandango also allows you to purchase tickets before you head to a show. If you like, you can save your credit card info for faster purchases later.

Overall, I found Fandango useful, yet requiring patience.

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