Boost your workout motivation musically with Nike BOOM for Android

Dec 21, 2010

Rule the field with inspiration from your favorite professional athletes and “attaboys” from your friends, thanks to the free Nike BOOM app for Android. Nike BOOM, which wants to “amplify your workout,” works by syncing your preferred music to your selected workout, sprinkling in motivation from top athletes and coaches, as well as connecting to Facebook to allow your friends to send you workout encouragement.

Just log-in to this sporty little app, and select your activity of choice from the list of basketball, football, hockey, baseball, soccer or rugby. For instance, if you pick basketball, then select from workout, interval or gameday. With workout, you select the total time, as well as warm-up and cool-down, and then choose your custom playlist. You can also choose interval to customize your sets and cues by work and rest time. For gameday, you can pick a gameday anthem to get yourself in the zone.

I don’t play a sport, but I love to use this app when running intervals on the treadmill. Simply select one of the sports, and use the workout function if you are going for a long run or intervals to run sprints. A handy function also lets you add a minute if you need more warm-up or cool-down time.

Sync the app with your Facebook account, and receive real-time feedback during your workout via audio cues. For instance, if your best friend, Larry, clicks like on Facebook or leaves you an “attaboy” i.e. comment, the app will alert you to the comment while you work out, and even keep track of the attaboy frequency to really feed your ego.

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