Body Language and You

Mar 31, 2011

Have you ever wanted to read palms, recognize micro-expressions or catch a liar? Or maybe just use these apps to understand your body language better.

The Art of Lying

Learn to spot liars with this scenario based app. Categories include body language, micro expressions, types of liars, and speech. And remember, the closer you are to a person, the harder it is to tell if they are lying.


Hand Reading Lite – chirology

This is a very informative palm reading app. It includes both fingers and palms. Analyze your heart, head, life, saturn, apollo, and mercury lines. Just answer six questions comparing your hand to the choices on the screen. Mine was pretty accurate.


Body Language – Expressions

An excellent resource based on the work of Paul Eckman. Practice your expression recognition with a short quiz. How well do you know happiness, sadness, contempt, anger, disgust, fear, and surprise? Highly Recommend!


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