Aug 3, 2011

This list is for people who love the color blue!

Blue Foggy Keyboard Skin

This beautiful chromey/foggy blue keyboard skin costs $.99 and works with Better Keyboard or Smart Keyboard. Very easy to see the white letters on the rich blue keys.


ADW theme: BBT blue

This theme for ADW is made up of lots of rich blue colors. It can replace up to 466 icons and includes 6 different blue wallpapers. Free!


Blue Flames Theme

This theme is great because it automatically installs dxTop Lite so you don’t need to have a home replacement app pre-installed. Nice blue flamey theme. $1.99


Blue Romance Live Wallpaper

A free live wallpaper with swirling, desaturated blue lines and curves. Very hypnotic and pretty.


Blue Beautiful Wallpaper

A collection of free blue wallpapers including droplets on a blue background, water, blue amorphous shapes, and more.


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