Blockbuster Android app is a nice start for movie watching

Aug 26, 2010

One of the first tasks I completed after receiving my Motorola Droid X phone was downloading a rental movie with the free Blockbuster app. One of my favorite things about the iPod Touch is watching a movie in bed without disturbing my bedmate so the true test of my love for the Droid X was indeed going to be movie quality.

First, the movie rental price for the Blockbuster app is $3.99 and completely comparable to the rental charge in the iTunes Store. Movies are also available for purchase. I downloaded two rentals on the same wifi connection, and both seemed to download about twice as fast as a typical iTunes movie rental. The movie was high-quality in both appearance and sound. I was extremely pleased with the performance and visual appeal of the app.

The selection of movies is slightly disappointing on the Blockbuster app. The collection consists mostly of new releases, and isn’t nearly as comprehensive as the iTunes store collection. And, you can’t integrate your by-mail Blockbuster subscriptions with rentals through the app.

While the movie downloads appear pretty quickly in your movie queue, on new release days, the app takes quite a while to update itself. Several times, when I went to open the app, I was welcomed with a black screen. Not sure if these bugs are caused by my Droid X or the app itself. Overall, the Blockbuster app is a great addition to the Android Marketplace, but I look forward to trying out any competitive apps that are released. Options are a good thing.

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