Blackfriday Deal Apps

Nov 7, 2010

This list of apps will help you keep track of deals as they appear online. Not necessarily for black friday but would sure help.


This app keeps tabs on numerous deal sites and presents the deals to you in a very presentable and easy to read manner.



If you don’t see a deal you like for a specific item use shopper to look for the lowest price online or locally for that item.


Hot Deals

A good aggregation app that keeps tabs on the hottest deals online.


Slick Deals RSS Feed

If you love slick deals and only slick deals then use this app to read up on slick deals.


What’s the Best Deal?

This app will help you compare items of a similar quantity but at different prices to know which one has the best price per smallest measure.


Ebay Search

If you can’t find a deal anywhere else, this is the sure fire bet of where to look for a deal. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t.


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