Black History Wallpapers

Jan 13, 2012

Commemorating a true American Hero and Nobel Peace Prize Civil Rights Icon.


Living Wall Paper has diamond shape background that says around the borders “Martin Luther King Jr, Day of Service, Make it a Day On, Not a Day Off”


Martin Luther King Wallpapers

Pictures of The Man himself to set in the background on your phone.


Black History People

All the facts about Martin Luther King, Booker T Washington, Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Ralph David Abernathy, Daisy Bates, Lewis H. Latimer, Nathaniel Clifton, Charles H. Houston, Frederick Douglass, Jesse Owens, Bill Cosby, Louis Armstrong, Thurgood Marshall, over 100 profiles of achievements and more added every year!


Obama Speech

Full Text of four of Obama’s speeches, plus the written transcripts of several inaugural speeches of presidents influential to obama and text of MLK’s legendary and inspiring “I have a dream”.


Obama Wallpaper Free Version

Simple and Free automatically sets itself on your phone as background wallpaper.


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