Best Web Browsers for Android

Aug 1, 2012

From doing searches to visiting websites to watching online video, you want to have the best web browser available for your smart phone. Each of these apps offers a little something different, so check out the list and pick the ones you like.

Skyfire Web Browser 4.0

This is the absolute best browser for watching Flash video hands down. I also enjoy the Facebook one touch integration and the ability to browser privately. The only thing I don’t like is the tool bar which takes up too much space.


Opera browser – fast & safe

This browser is incredibly fast, almost like browsing on a desk top computer. Great for folks worrying about using too much data or when you just need information quickly. Recommended.


Dolphin – Best Web Browser ļ¬

Wow, and incredibly smooth and fast web browser with a ton of very cool features. Some features include Sonar, which allows voice search and Webzine, which is an add-on that makes for really great web content reading. I could use this browser and no others if I had to.


Firefox Browser fast & private

I use Firefox on my desktop, so it’s a natural to also use it on my android. Very sold browser that you can also sync with any other device, including your desktop, to access bookmarks and saved tabs.


Chrome Browser – Google

Another strong browser app that you can sync with your desktop version. I like how you can flip through pages like a deck of cards on your phone, or swipe if you’re using a tablet.


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