Best Penguin Games

Dec 17, 2011

I love penguins. Here are my favorite Android games involving penguins.

Air Penguin®

In this game you tilt your phone to help a penguin get through the South Pole. It’s sort of like pinball in that you bounce off of things to set your direction. Fun, simple, nice graphics – addictive!


Flying Penguin best free game

In this game you gain momentum on mountain slopes and see how far your penguin can fly.


Penguin Baseball

Be a polar bear standing at the edge of a big rock. When the penguin drops down *thwack* – it’s a home run! Pretty much just what it says. Penguin Baseball.


Penguin Skiing 3D

This is a fun skiing game where you are judged on your time on the slope and also how many fish your penguin picks up.


Talking Pengu & Penga Penguin

This game had two penguins that talk to you and react to your touch – as well as 4 minigames built in.


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