Best of Apps for Toddlers 2011

Oct 22, 2011

I know apps for Toddlers can be a bit difficult to find, but here are my favorites!

Kids ABC Letters (Lite)


Great for learning the alphabet, sounds and making beginning words. Fun!


Trace and Learn

This app is an awesome tool to use when teaching the alphabet. Trace letters and numbers in different colors. Neat!


ABC Toddler

An awesome way to learn the alphabet. The blocks are brightly colored and every time you touch one music plays and an animal appears. B is for “bird.” Recommend!


Colors Baby Flash Cards

Teach your baby colors! The color is spelled out at the top of the page and the object is in the middle. The app also says the color for you, except if you are in quiz mode, then there is a delay. Enjoy!


Baby Sign Language Dict. Demo

I’ve heard that parents can teach their children sign language before they learn how to speak and this leads to less crying and tantrums. No more terrible two’s? This app includes video of basic signs as well as a quiz. Recommend!


Professions Memory Cards

What do you want to be when you grow up? This memory card game has a ton of excellent ideas. Great for kids 2-8!


Kids Piano Lite

I looooooooooove this app. It’s a xylophone on your Droid with instructions to learn how to play old school lullabies. Highly Recommend!


Ocean Match’em FREE

An ocean themed memory game! Fun!


Fun at the Zoo

Fun at the zoo is a cute app for kids. Either match the animal to their habitat or the sound to the animal. Love the crayola crayon like graphics and the sound effects. Highly Recommend!

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This is a neat app for kids to help them learn their fruits. The app gives you a picture and pronounces the name of the fruit. There is also a test mode.


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